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Cross country Cross country
Alpine skiing Alpine skiing
Stor hytte med enkel luksus til leie på Hafjell Norsk
Storhytta er et vidunderligt hus Dansk
Livet i Storhytta på Hafjell Svenska
Groβe Hütte mit einfachem Luxus auf Hafjell zu vermieten Deutsch
Large Cottage with simple luxury in Hafjell near Lillehammer English
Grote luxe berghut te huur in Hafjell Nederlands
Grandi cottage a Hafjell Alpino Centro vicino a Lillehammer Italiano
Didelis, su lengva prabanga kotedžas Hafjell'yje šalia Lillehammerio Lietuviu
Большой коттедж на Хафьелль альпийский центр возле Лиллехаммер Русский

Large Cottage with easy luxury in Hafjell near Lillehammer

Bring your family and friends for cross country or downhill skiing in winter, downhill biking or hiking in summer. Large cottage which sleeps 17, with 7 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, a sauna, a terrace, central heating, good ventilation and a large and well equipped kitchen.

The cottage is situated to the south of Hafjell Alpine Centre and the road to Hafjelltoppen, 755 metres above sea level at “Stulen Søndre/Skalmstadstulen”. The cottages in the area are surrounded by plenty of space. They are built in the traditional style and the atmosphere is one of serenity. The natural vegetation is left untouched, and the mountain pine trees give shelter against the wind when needed. There are excellent views toward Mount Skeikampen and down toward Gudbrandsdalen to the north west.

A lot of activities

You can put your skies on just outside the cottage. After 10-15 minutes of skiing in flat terrain, you can slide into the slopes of the Alpine Centre. Another five minutes and you’ll find the nearest lift. You can also drive 3 km by car to Gaiastova at the top of the slopes where you wil find a ski rental and also the nearest shop and restaurant. If you choose cross country skiing, you will find good tracks from the cottage to Nordseter (8 km) or Lillehammer (15 km). In summer it is nice to go hiking or biking, even downhill biking in the Alpine Centre. In autumn you can find wild blueberries, cloudberries and raspberries within just a few hundred meters from the cottage. The cottage is situated against a moraine which is scattered with stones as large as cars and caravans; a landscape that invites children of all ages to play hide and seek and other games. Hence there is always easy to find a good place to rest if the skiing trip is a short one.

A taste of wilderness

The cottage, with its 112 square metres of ground floor, and a total of 180 square metres spread over two floors, is built entirely of wood with wilderness stile panels outside and the traditional peat roof which sprouts green grass in summer. Large pillars and rafters contribute to the robust appearance. The cottage was built by Norwegian carpenters in 2005-2006.

Warm and environmental friendly

The cottage is purpose built to stay warm all winter with a low energy consumption. Extra thermal insulated walls, ceilings and floors together with energy efficient windows keep the warmth inside. The main heating is stored solar energy from a 150 meter deep drilled well. The energy is drawn by a heat pump and distributed by water to heat the floors in the cottage, adjustable by thermostats in all rooms. Energy is also recycled from the ventilation system. The cottage is equipped with a nice fireplace of soap stone for a crackling log fire. The largest windows face south and west, and the black slate floors accumulates solar energy. The large windows also provide good views and a lot of light.

Safe for children

The staircase and the bedroom windows on the first floor have child safety locks. A cot and a child's chair are also present.

Rent the cottage

The cottage may be rented for days, weekends or weeks. See our calendar to find out when the cottage is available. Paid cleaning after each renting period is mandatory. It is possible to rent towels and linen. It can be arranged for a local cook to bring and serve traditional Norwegian food. Menu from Sørstua. Bringing of pets or smoking inside the cottage is prohibited. Please contact us for further details and an offer.